When in Fairfax, it's Peris for a rocking good time!!

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Peris Bar


If you know Peri's, you know you're gonna see and hear great music, see really nice people, lose pool to the local sharks, or teach 'em a lesson, laugh a lot, and generally, have a great time. If you haven't been here lately, it's time to stop on in and check it out. The bathrooms have been remodeled and given themes and are amazing. The patio's really pretty cool, and the back yard is the place to plan your next big barbecue. Bring your cook, band and posse and have a cool party in the back yard! It really doesn't get a whole lot better than that. And the music is always good. That's why, when in Fairfax, it's Peri's.


Latest JEvents

Thu Sep 03 @09:00PM -
Burnsy's Sugar Shack - FREE!
Fri Sep 04 @09:30PM -
Culann's Hounds - $8.00
Sat Sep 05 @09:30PM -
The Substitutes - $8.00
Sun Sep 06 @09:30PM -
Whiskey Pills Fiasco - Free
Mon Sep 07 @09:30PM -
Billy D's Open Mic
Tue Sep 08 @09:00PM -
Waldo's Special - FREE
Wed Sep 09 @09:30PM -
Talley Up!