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Much of the Fairfax that Chuck Peri grew up in has changed in his nearly eight decades, but one thing hasn't: the existence of Peri's Silver Dollar, which the town recently honored for 80 years in business.

"We want to start getting people to know the place, and not just take it for granted," said Councilman Larry Bragman. "Especially when it's a living legend, a place with a legacy like Peri's. In order to reinforce the fabric of our society, it does us good to recognize the individual threads."

Peri grew up in a more rural Fairfax, and began bartending in 1951 - as soon as he turned 21. Peri's father, Charles, helmed Peri's in 1948 and moved it to 29 Broadway in 1949 with business partner and friend Rico Giannini. It has been there ever since, quenching the thirst of audiences enjoying the live nightly music.Peri is still puts in hours at the bar every morning, doing the books, helping with the ordering and running the bar. He leaves the music selection to others, usually. "Unless it's bad. Then I'll say something," he said with a laugh.

Peri attended St. Anselm's grammar school and then a prep school in the South Bay. He played baseball and football in high school and college. He lives with his wife, Ardelle, whom he describes as the chief financial officer. Adam Jepsen manages the bar.

Peri wasn't planning to announce the bar's big birthday. "If it wasn't for the mayor giving the award, I wasn't going to say anything." Peri Said his assistant made him go receive it. "I really didn't want to go up there." He said he appreciates the award, the recognition of the bar's longevity and his father's hard work. "Everybody was very moved by it," said Bragman.

"It took us 80 years to get where we are,"said Peri.

article from Ross Valley Reporter